Anyone using a Nix alternative to GitHub's workflow feature?

I’m curious if there have been many attempts at creating a Nix+git alternative to GitHub’s workflows for local or private use.

Some features that come to mind:

  • Declare multiple workflows.
  • Declare triggers that setup the necessary git hooks.
  • Declare graph of actions (i.e. needs)
  • Key management (ssh-agent, public keys for known hosts, priv keys for access to other private repos).
  • Allow to manually trigger workflows (like workflow_dispatch).
  • Optionally specify runners or use the current machine by default.
  • Some kind of notification system for failed builds.
  • Workflow monitoring+history, query-able with CLI.

I’m sure there must be some solutions out there - anyone have any recommendations?


Are you aware of Hercules CI?


+1 for hercules ci. i love it

garnix is also pretty neat

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