Anyone using mate?

hey, I installed nix os with mate de, only settings option in system>preferences or control center is Internet and network which appeared after I installed networkmanagerapplet, it also seems like there are other mate apps missing which can be started from commandline(caja, system monitor, etc. ).

That’s weird. How did you install it? If you’ve used services.xserver.desktopManager.mate.enable, this might be a bug.

This is largely by design, so that people don’t get bloat along with the rest of the DE.

It was discussed at length here: Why I switched to Manjaro Linux - #22 by jonringer

They are there , they are just missing in menus, I can start them via commandline.

All entries from Mate are available in the start menu for me. But I’ve got KDE in parallel.

i am seeing the same thing: there is only Printers for me, I presume if I install nmapplet then “internet” will come in.

How would I go about debugging this?