App is detached from GNOME Shell indicator

I have a problem with some desktop apps in NixOS 24.05 GNOME (it was happening in 23.11 too).

Look at this:

I usually (back when I was using Fedora) trigger apps using Super+number shortcuts. For example, I open VSCode with Super+3 because it’s in 3rd position.

However, now with NixOS it seems like the VSCode window that is launched is somehow not related to the favorite found in 3rd position. Then, an extra VSCode icon is added when I open a window.

What’s worse, if I hit Super+3, it will open a new VSCode window instead of moving focus to the one that’s already open.

Any clues on why this happens? It happens to me with more apps too. The OS you’re seeing is exactly this deployment.


The problem was that I had this in my configuration:

environment.sessionVariables.NIXOS_OZONE_WL = "1";

I was doing that to be able to share screen on Element Desktop. However I found a better fix.