Apparent GitHub user account issue (ban?)

Github has apparently shadow banned my account for no reason. Is gnulib: 20190811 -> 20200222 by ahiaao · Pull Request #80840 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub able to be reviewed by anyone or do I need to send the patch via Discourse? It fixes the build of 4 packages.

Can’t see. 404 error

That is very weird, here’s a merge commit from one of your PRs Merge pull request #73539 from ahiaao/fix/retext-wrap-qt · NixOS/nixpkgs@3372d65 · GitHub, and if you try to hover over it, it says Issue title is private.

Is your nixpkgs fork somehow a private repo?
This does sound like you’re shadowbanned exactly.

I’ve contacted GitHub support about this, I hope we hear something back.


I will add to that, @ahiaao, make sure you can log-in to your discourse account here through non-github means, just in case your session coincidentally times out during this ordeal.

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(I split this from the other topic, but couldn’t muster a better topic name…)

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There are ways to phrase sentences, and I personally don’t think this is a good framing. Conveying the idea could have been done in a more tactful way. That is, if this was intended as a way to bring the “exports and regulation” thing to the topic.

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No, this is related to my account. It is the same repo I always make PRs from.

I tried contacting them a couple days ago, but I have not heard anything back from them. I assume due to the nature of my account and the fact that it is on the free tier it is of low priority.

I only got authentication problems via pushing over https. I bypassed this by just adding an ssh key to my account and using that to authenticate.

All I have ever done with this identity on GitHub is related to issues and pull requests on the nixpkgs repository. The last comment I made was bringing up an older PR of someone else that I reviewed in the ZHF issue that fixed a couple of packages. Considering my main browser is the Tor Browser it is possible that GitHub shadow banned anyone using an IP I happened to share at the time. I have consistently used GitHub through a Tor exit node, but over the 10 months I have had this account and contributed to this project I have not encountered this problem.

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Sorry I shouldn’t have trolled. Deleted.

It appears the issue has been resolved

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Did you receive any kind of information or can you share why it occured?
From what you explained you only used that account for nixpkgs through
TOR. Two very reasonable things to do.

All I got was:

Sometimes our spam-detecting practices miss the mark and need to be adjusted. I’ve reset your profile, so your repositories and gists should be available again

I am not exactly sure what triggered it and this message does not reassure me that I will not trigger it again.