Application White Screen

I have a flatpak app, vesktop, is opening to a white screen.

In gnome logs I see this error;
“meta_window_set_stack_position_no_sync: assertion ‘window->stack_position >= 0’ failed”

Could you provide the steps you used to get and run this software? I will test later and see if it works for me. Also please include what Nix /NixOS version you are running.


I enabled the flatpak service in my nixos config.
And added flathub as the repository.

Then I just installed the app, “vesktop” via flathub. I has worked pretty well for a few months but this white screen issue is one I keep running into on some applications. Although its only affecting vesktop right now.

I run a framework 13, AMD with a 7840u (if that is applicable in anyway).

and Im running version 23.11.20…

Still not sure of what the issue was but it seems like it had something to do with the app data. Once I removed the app and its data and reinstalled it worked.