Application windows change displays on nixos-rebuild

tldr; Why do all the application windows on my 2 Displaylink-connected monitors switch to the other monitor when I run nixos-rebuild? Is there a way to prevent it?

I have a 3-monitor setup that I’ve used for years. Two of them are attached to my Displaylink docking station and the third is either a laptop screen (if a laptop is connected to the docking station) or normally an HDMI panel direct to my desktop machine when that’s connected. I’ve used this same setup for years with Windows, Ubuntu, and Fedora with no issues - although occasionally Displaylink glitches, which is why it’s necessary to have the 3rd monitor even on the non-laptop.

My desktop machine and 1 of the laptops are now running NixOS. On both of these, when I run nixos-rebuild while connected to the docking station, the Displaylink monitors flicker off for a few seconds all application windows on the 2 displays connected to the Displaylink docking station swap places.