Archive checksum not stable

Hi everyone,

I am having troubles with checksums changing in the unstable channel. I am aware of Github archive checksums may change and Reproducibility of github tarballs is not guaranteed. The TL;DR: being that it’s nothing worry about it because the contents of the archive are hashed. Now I just had changing hash from 0zm22ivw92k2y86va3jr2sd63snkff1gz05a33ljxxl3jrx2z66m to 1vpny73rzh3bpx2alrbafyai67rzin1aap47gxd4iic2chmpmaw9 yesterday and then today it’s back to 0zm22ivw92k2y86va3jr2sd63snkff1gz05a33ljxxl3jrx2z66m.

Does anybody have a clue about what’s going on? Is this supposed to happen?

It’s quite disrupting because people all of sudden cannot build their environment without them being responsible for any change to it.

Thanks in advance for the help.

newest news i know about the hash change is Update on the future stability of source code archives and hashes | The GitHub Blog

what fetcher are you using, perhaps your fetcher isn’t hashing the output and you created the hash during ~january 30.

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I am using Niv. I am not sure about the fetcher it uses internally. I suspect the Github fetcher.

Skimming sources.nix it looks like Niv is using the built-in fetchTarball fetcher.