Are the instructions in "2.5.1. Booting from a USB Drive" in the NixOS manual up to date?

2.5.1. Booting from a USB Drive section in the NixOS manual keeps mentioning “raw” disk devices:

Using the ‘raw’ rdiskN device instead of diskN completes in minutes instead of hours. After dd completes, a GUI dialog “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” will pop up, which can be ignored.

I couldn’t find any trace of them on my NixOS 21.05 instance. Is this out of date by any chance or am I missing something?

When I tried it out, got the following output,

$ sudo dd if=~/Downloads/nixos-minimal-21.05.804.5de44c15758-x86_64-linux.iso \
1353728+0 records in
1353728+0 records out
693108736 bytes (693 MB, 661 MiB) copied, 1.90306 s, 364 MB/s

but it didn’t do anything to the drive at /dev/sdc1.

From what I can see it only refers to those raw rdisks for MacOS?

The section for linux does seem correct as it says /dev/sdc should be used (not sdc1!).

It might be better if the manual explicitly has a section for Linux instead of presuming Linux is used by default.

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