Asterisk+dongle Nix-application initiative

Hi. After taking a close look at Moscow-style digital gulag this summer, I’ve decided to invest some efforts into becoming familiar with mobile network software stack. The project below aims at encoding the bundle of software required for relaying SMS messages and voice calls.

At this point, I think that I do know how to relay SMS messages and answer the calls, so it all more works now than not)

The project is a proof-of-concept: Right now I don’t have any plans of integratiing it into NixOS. Some hand-work is required to operate the system, plus I find it troublesome to get the compatible GSM modem (got to check 3 or 4 of them, from different vendors). I’m trying to keep the most important points in the Readme.



Asterisk+dongle initiative has reached it’s first goal: The application is now able to forward SMS messages received by the GSM modem to the Telegram client.


Dear all. I’m glad to announce that Asterisk+dongle project now contains shiny new GSM->Telegram relay. It works both for incoming SMS and Voice calls.

We also include good old Lenny to amuse telemarketers!
(Beware of it’s insecurities)