Audio problems on Dell Inspiron 7590

Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 7590 (confusingly, not XPS 7590), and everything works well so far, except audio. On Linux kernel 5.7, the audio straight up doesn’t work (I never got any sound out of it) but I do see lots of devices (?) in KDE settings. On 5.4 only the speaker works. I feel like there’s a driver change between the two versions. Unfortunately all the information I did find online about ALSA and SOF etc. just confused me more.

One thing I noticed is that on 5.7 videos in chromium straight up refuse to play, so for example Youtube gives me ‘If playback doesn’t begin shortly try restarting your device’, which I believe means that the audio system is broken and isn’t just muted.

My card shows up as Cannon Lake PCH etc. in KDE settings.

I’d be grateful for any guidance on how I can debug this issue or better yet have someone with similar hardware share a working config. Thanks in advance.