AV requirements for speakers?

Super looking forward to Nixcon, and have started thinking about my presentation. It looks like I’ll be presenting from a Mac (not my first choice, but my Thinkpad was crushed by a taxi) - I’m guessing there’s going to be some kind of big screen to put it on, so I’m wondering what combination of dongles and adapters and whatnot I might need to get my slides or terminal windows or whatever onto it. Thunderbolt? HDMI? Alternatively, if you have some fancy-shmancy wireless presentation system that needs software installed, is there a nixpkgs derivation for it that works on Darwin?

I appreciate you probably have other more pressing tasks to deal with first and I don’t want to distract you from those. Just trying to make sure I’m prepared, and - though not a macos expert in any way - happy to spend a few hours poking at software that may or may not build out of the box on a Mac if I can help.


Hey @telent, not a problem! A HDMI adapter, that’s all that should be required to give the presentation from your Mac. If your presentation is portable we will also have a backup laptop. We’ll bring a bunch of adapters outselves as well, I just need to confirm if we have a USB-C to HDMI one (assuming it’s a new Mac).

Now one minute a silence for your old Thinkpad…