Awesome WM Redflat Theme

I would like to create a more or less configurable theme from But I’m not sure how I should exactly go about doing this.

For one I’ll need to create a NixOS package for the redflat submodule which is no problem.
But the awesome-config is full of configurations which one wants to change (it provides 7 different example configurations, a few more or less generic functions and a lot of beautiful icons).

My idea would be to have a namespace xsession.windowManager.awesome.themes.redflat (or just xsession.windowManager.awesome.redflat) which includes configuration options like the fonts used in the config, colors, keybindings, etc. But I don’t know if my idea of how to “nixify” this makes a lot of sense…

My goto solution would be to create a package for the awesome-config repo where I just delete almost all the code from worron and just leave generic functions and the icons. Then I would create configuration options which generate all the code which I deleted in the package with user specific options (there are a few enables but mostly stuff where you can choose from or enter custom stuff). Is this the “best” way to go or am I missing some smarter way which makes use of the code worron already provides?

Also does this fit into home-manager or is it better to add this to the NUR or a different (maybe even a new) repository?

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So I’ve been thinking about it a bit and will first talk with worron if there is a way to isolate the more or less generic functions which are currently mixed up in the config and then have the configurations and the functions separate. That way I don’t have to copy snippets into nix files or delete stuff in the derivation.

Also I’m still not sure if that is the best way but I will probably create a separate repository NixOS Themes which should work similar to the Musnix repository. This is probably the most flexible way to start that project without other people having to be bothered by it with PR reviews and stuff like that. :slight_smile: