Awscli - Python dependencies not met

I using nix with flake and home manager for Darwin. I have it configured on 2 intel iMacs and one M1 laptop.

For some reason, on one of the iMacs, I’m getting this error.

Any ideas how to resolve? I saw this issue but I didn’t see how it could resolve my issue

(I really love the idea of managing my machines with nix and when it works it’s great. But when I hit errors, it’s really hard to understand, troubleshoot and resolve. )

a fix should hit unstable soon awscli2: 2.15.15 -> 2.15.31 by anthonyroussel · Pull Request #296007 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub


Getting the same errors here for Backblaze and Maestral. Hope the fix sorts these out too.