`bandwhich` broken in jobset but can't reproduce locally

I got a new Macbook for work and I’m trying to fix some of the Darwin builds for the upcoming release. bandwhich for example is broken currently in Hydra - Build 143686847 of job nixpkgs:trunk:bandwhich.x86_64-darwin

and it fails with panics in tests. The problem is that I can’t reproduce this on my own Intel MBP, even if I check out the same revision 2987d66d0f92f58b79db4dc687d3a56f71f0f157 (from the cached failure).

At this point I’m a bit unsure what to do next and was wondering if anyone had experience with this?

TL;DR: bandwhich fails in hydra but not locally on same architecture and revision


Not sure why you’re not getting the same test failures, but there is an issue complaining about similar errors: Aattempted to leave type uninitialized, which is invalid · Issue #216 · imsnif/bandwhich · GitHub. So there seems to be an upstream bug (outdated dependencies) either way.