Bashmount mounts as root in 23.05

Every now and then I use bashmount (which I install ad-hoc with nix run nixpkps#bashmount) to mount an USB key. It used to automatically mount it somewhere in /run in a directory that had my username somewhere in the path and was owned by me.
After upgrading to nixos 23.05, it now asks for a mountpoint, my password for sudo and then mounts it with ownership given to root.

How can I get back the sensible behaviour from before?

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services.udisk2 was enabled by default until nixos/udisks2: don't enable by default · NixOS/nixpkgs@f763710 · GitHub, between the releases of 22.11 and 23.05.

To get back the previous behaviour in bashmount set services.udisks2.enable = true; in the system’s configuration.nix.