Bay Area Nix/NixOS User group Virtual Meetup on 10/21/2020

Hi All,

Excited to announce our next Nix related Meetup event:

Bay Area Nix/NixOS User Group Meetup Event

Due to covid, our event will virtual and streamed via Twitch. Hope to see everyone at this event.

This event will be streamed on Twitch (please log into twitch before the event starts). Once you RSVP you will see the link to twitch to join!

For the hallway track and to ask the speakers question you can use the chat on Twitch or join our slack/discord communities at - Once you have joined the slack/discord please go to the #sf-nix channel.

Any questions about the event please ask in our channel on discord above. Thank you.

What is Nix and how it can improve your Scala projects

Gabriel will tell you about Nix, a functional package manager, and how it can successfully be used for everything, including Scala projects.

Right after a bit of introduction, we will bootstrap a new Scala project to see how it all works.

About our Speaker

Gabriel Volpe ( is a proficient Haskell & Scala engineer. Nix enthusiast. Vimmer to the bones. Author of the book Practical FP in Scala and some open-source libraries.

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8:15 am …
We’ll il try to attend :slight_smile:

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