Bi Weekly Nix/NixOS Meetup (Better Late than Never Edition)

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​Bay Area Nix Enthusiasts! Come join us to talk about how where your are using Nix! Share your experience with beginners and experts alike! Lets share each others amazing discoveries and use cases that we have found for the Nix! See you at Noisebridge for the bi weekly Nix meetup.

Last meetup we had a wide array of amazing topics! They included:


Join the conversation this Wednesday at Noisebridge :slight_smile:

Another SF Nix Meetup in the books! This time we had pizza :pizza:. I had a excellent time hacking and learning with folks. Stay tuned for the next event posting where I’ll also share some of the cool things we learned from working together and sharing our projects last night!

If you’re ever in Santa Cruz let’s have an impromptu meetup :slight_smile:

Very down! The last one in Santa Cruz was really fun :star_struck: