BI Weekly Nix/NixOS Meetup Wed May 15 at 7pm @ Noisebridge

more info here → Nix/NixOS Meetup · Luma

Last meetup we talked about devbox, nixos integration tests, impermanence mode, the state of infrastructure for nix enthusiasts and much more!

The Address: 272 Capp St, San Francisco, CA 94110

If you have talks or presentation ideas for the meetup hit me up! We would love to hear them!

Join us on matrix if you have any questions! (non nixos matrix room until I can get one on official channels)

We are also shifting to a bi weekly cadence to hopefully get more people at any one meetup! I’ll bump this thread a few times to remind people and mark your calendars! Can’t wait to see yall there


Don’t forget that this week is the next meetup, it will be this Wednesday! use the link Nix/NixOS Meetup · Luma to get updates :slight_smile:

Had a great time with Harish, Cameron and David at the meetup!

Some of the topics discussed:

and much more non nix things such as tailscale, openziti, and antithesis testing framework

Thank you for attending and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you at the next one on the 29th! I’ll be posting more details soon :slight_smile:

Anyone wanna meet in Santa Cruz for NixOS chats ? :sweat_smile:

I would love to but its a 3 and a half hour trip for me to get there! I’m down to meet in the middle somewhere though!

@ron is hosting a meetup also next Friday in MTV.

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This: Flox, Nix & Friends · Luma

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