Bidirectionnal A2DP with bluetooth headsets


I’m trying to get my bluetooth headset to work with nixos. Until now I am able to connect and listen to music with A2DP high sound quality, but I can’t get microphone work without switching to HSP/HFP wich destroys the sound quality.

I searched about that on the web and found a lot of old topics saying that Pulseaudio and Pipewire are not able to manage bidirectionnal A2DP. Is that still true ? If my memory is right, I think I was able to achieve bidirectionnal A2DP with my old Linux Mint system. It is possible on other OS like windows or macos, I am surprised something doable on theses OS is not possible on Linux.

This is not purely nixos related, but if it is possible, I would also like to know how to achieve that on nixos.