Binary cache for riscv64

Are there any plans for riscv64 binary cache? My VisionFive2 board is quite slow for compiling everything from scratch ^^


I believe there are no plans for the official infra so far. ({hydra,cache}

EDIT: I mean, I’m on the team taking care of that and haven’t heard that platform mentioned there so far.

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I definitely recommend that you try cross-compiling from an architecture with fast cheap hardware (i.e. x86).

My laptop is arm64 and I compile the whole system this way (using much faster x86 and powerpc64 machines), from the bootloader to the web browser. You can also cross-compile the NixOS installer, although I’ve only done that for mips64:

Nixpkgs’ support for cross compiling is really good at this point; basically everything works except Haskell, Emacs, and QT. The Haskell situation is likely to improve soon.