Birdtray path of Thunderbird

Hey, I used Birdtray for Autostart mey Thunderbird and minimize it it instant on login to nixos.
The default path of Thunderbird (/usr/bin/thunderbird) din’t work in Birdtray.
If I give it only thunderbird it also couldn’t start Thunderbird, but after I started Thunderbird manually I can control Thunderbird with Birdtray and everything works.
What have I to do to allow Birdtray to start Thunderbird. As a workaround I’ll Autostart Birdtray a few seconds after I autostart Firefox. But there must be a better solution.

Looks to me like a bug in the packaging. Birdtray hard codes a default path that’s incorrect when using Nix, but conveniently allows it to be overridden with a build flag. For now something like this should get it working for you—

birdtray.overrideAttrs (_: {
  cmakeFlags = [ "-DOPT_THUNDERBIRD_CMDLINE=${thunderbird}/bin/thunderbird" ];

—but I’d recommend opening an issue in nixpkgs to get it corrected for everyone.

Thx. but I can’t find anything for overrideAttrs in the doku.
Simply copying your solution didn’t works.
I’ll absolutely open an issue. again, Thank you.
here it is: Issue