Bitcoin++, nix-edition - Berlin, Germany Oct 6+7

Bitcoin++ is coming to Europe to do a nix-focused conference. We’ll be in Berlin, Germany October 6+7th at Holzmarkt 25, with two non-stop days of workshops, talks, and presentations from the best devs and builders across both the nix + bitcoin space.

Come see what people are building with nix, and how it’s revolutionizing the dev and deploy experience for builders across the bitcoin open source ecosystem.

New to nix? This is your chance to get a hands on opportunity to build and deploy software using NixOS. Come try it out for yourself. Take the nix-pill at btc++

Tickets, speakers, details here:

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Can’t wait. I’ll be there :cowboy_hat_face:

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Why am I not surprised that you’ll be there? And what will be your route from Darmstadt to Berlin? Even with the Deutsche Bahn, it shouldn’t take from Sep 10th till Oct 6th :smiley: