Bluetooth devices via a GUI

I’m trying to set up a system for a user who doesn’t like the the CLI much and has a few bluetooth devices.

What are my options for configuring, pairing and controlling bluetooth devices via Kde or Gnome for users who are affraid of the command line :wink:

The nixos wiki seems to focus on CLI only tools.

Any idea’s welcomed.

Afair plasma has its own BT widget, not sure about Gnome though.

Personally I use blueman-applet started by my WM.

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Almost any desktop environment will have some graphical interface for connecting to Bluetooth devices. GNOME has a dedicated panel in the Control Center. Pantheon and MATE have something similar IIRC. And yeah, you can fallback on Blueman if you do not use a DE.

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I think my stumbing block is i’m using KDE… so unless missed , i can’t see any bluetooth setting in a default nixos KDE derivation.

Dumb question, but did you enable bluetooth support?

Hmm, it indeed appears that unlike GNOME and Pantheon,

non-mobile Plasma does not enable Bluetooth support by default:

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