Boot NixOS from USB drive on Raspberry Pi 4?


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 where the firmware has been updated to allow booting from a USB drive. I’ve successfully booted a minimal Ubuntu from a USB thumb drive on it.

For NixOS though I think there needs to be some extra steps beyond making a UDB drive image of the Aarch64 ISO? The Pi doesn’t have a conventional UEFI/uboot setup? Perhaps I need to go via an SD card, then install NixOS on an empty USB drive?

If anyone has successfully done this I’d love ot hear about your approach.

You can put the NixOS SD image on a USB drive. The ISO is for systems supporting standard boot flows, which the Pi is not. But the SD image works on the Pi, even if it’s on a USB drive.

Excellent— thanks. I’ll need to be careful putting file systems on the USB drive that contains the SD image?