Bridge fails for one boot after upgrade to 24.05

So for my upgrades have been pretty seamless aside from one major snag. If I have something like this

 181   │         networking = {
 182   │           hostName = name;
 183   │           interfaces.enp1s0.useDHCP = false;
 184   │           interfaces.br0.useDHCP = true;
 185   │           interfaces.br0.macAddress = "dd:ea:ae:aa:dd:73";
 186   │           bridges = {
 187   │             "br0" = {
 188   │               interfaces = [ "enp1s0" ];
 189   │             };
 190   │           };
 191   │         };

in my config setting up a bridge, if I update from 23.11 to 24.05 the machine reboots without the bridge on the next boot. Reboot without changing anything or updating or rebuilding, just reboot, and the bridge is back and my server is back on the MAC and hence IP addresses that it is supposed to be on.

Is there any way I can prevent this extra reboot step?

I have nothing to add on the topic of the question, but I just wanted to clarify for people that might be able to help:

  • was this just one-time thing after upgrade? So all next reboots have bridge working fine?
  • if you do any change worth rebuilding to your config - does the system boot fine after it?

yes, one time per machine that is configured that way(5 total so far here). The thing is you think it came back dead till you get a keyboard and monitor and find out the thing is happily running on another IP address and just needs a reboot. It’s quite annoying and not as seamless as I’d like an upgrade to be.

Turns out I had another file that was being included that was enabling netowork manager. Under 23.11 this never became an issue, but for some reason under 24.05 network manager which I guess was somehow inconsistently taking precedence during boot and activating the interface directly for dhcp (and not the bridge). Setting this to false I htink has cured my issue:

networking.networkmanager.enable = false;