Brigading of this Discourse

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@wombat, please slow down. This is not helping. You have asked the same question several times. Anyone really trying to find information about the jonringer ban or the relevant policy has plenty of ways to find information about it. You are not adding any new information. I also have my own concerns about brigading taking place, but becoming more and more stringent is not helpful. This is creating more chaos. Reach out to me if you’d like, but please take a pause.


@tomberek FWIW information on whether it is allowed to discuss jonringer ban on this forum is contradictory and scattered all over the place. Also it isn’t helping that there’s a ridiculous rate limit associated with each post.


So you joined this Discourse only a couple of days ago, all your interactions have been hostile to the community and purely about the current drama, and you complain about brigading? Oh the irony

If you don’t want you posts to get immediately flagged, maybe consider making good posts then?

Edit: Wombat has already been banned, I just hadn’t seen it on Discourse because apparently it also hides that information when a profile is “hidden”


I think it helps to:

  • Help readers to follow things. Following the current drama already take several hours per day, I certainly can’t spend more.
  • Help writers reflect on what they are writing. If I know I can’t post too much, I do spend more time at writing better content.
  • Help cool down heated arguments. This doesn’t prevent me from stating my points, but it prevents me from getting into a fight which might not be worth it and would damage the community.

What I meant was if you rate limit replying but not posting new posts then obviously more posts will be created.

I agree with that.

Then we should probably rate limit new topics and new inscriptions too, but I have no idea if we already do this or if we even could technically do this.

Or we could wait for “rate of new posts” / “rate of new accounts” becoming problematic before we act. I guess the latter is currently at least on the limit. By comparison, I find the “rate of new replies” is already certainly problematic, and I’m not helping about that, sorry :sweat_smile: