Broken icons in lutris

Hi nixos gamers!
Have a problem with lutris. When I installed it from unstable nixpkg, all gui icons where broken (I mean I have only frames instead buttons with symbols). Also lutris didnt find any vulkan although i installed it within my system.

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ok, i fixed broken icons after installing gnome packages. but cannot load vulkun as well =(

How did you install vulkan? I think you should install the vulkan-loader package.
Try running nix run nixpkgs.vulkan-tools -c vkcube to check if you did correctly.

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Known Issues

Icons does not appear

You have to install a compatible icon theme. For example, you can install the adwaita-icon-theme available as gnome3.adwaita-icon-theme in Nixpkgs.

Vulkan not found on startup

You can ignore the warning as it is just cosmetic.

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If you’re running a 64bit environment you need to ensure that you enable 32bit support in your configuration.nix : hardware.opengl.driSupport32Bit = true