Broken package(s) in nixos-unstable, doesn't hydra build everything?

I remember someone on IRC telling me that Hydra always at least builds (almost all?) packages in nixpkgs. Currently, nixos-unstable is broken for me because of this and I’m just curious: Didn’t hydra build this particular package?


AIUI Hydra builds basically everything but only uses a subset of packages to gate whether or not to publish a channel update (e.g. less important packages are allowed to break temporarily).

In any case, if I’m reading this right, it looks like the nixpkgs.qt5.qtbase package has been building successfully on x86_64-linux in the nixos:trunk-combined jobset (which seems to be what nixos-unstable maps to): Hydra - nixos:trunk-combined:nixpkgs.qt5.qtbase.x86_64-linux

It tried to but failed to build wine. The log is here:

Wine is a little weird because it uses 32-bit and 64-bit libraries. We only build 32-bit libraries that are needed by 64-bit programs so you get the weird qtbase build error.

To prevent this in the future, we should add wineWow to the release-combined.nix to prevent the channel from moving up when critical 32-bit libraries like this are broken.