Browser based apps pixelated/low res after upgrading to 23.11


I upgraded to 23.11 today and after rebooting I noticed that my browser looks pixelated/low resolution, I then also tested another app thats also chromium based (electron) and it has the same issue. My browser is brave browser and my window manager is hyprland. Firefox works fine and so does libre office and my terminal (kitty).

Important note: Upgrading to 23.11 required me to remove the option programs.hyprland.xwayland.hidpi because it was removed in version 23.11. I was previously on 23.05.

I would be extremely appreciative of anything that might point me in the right direction.

After further usage i’ve noticed that its only the fonts and images not the whole browsing experience that is pixelated. I think I debunked my own theory of it being the HDPI because I set my resolution to 2x and 1x both of which were still pixelated (I’m currently on 1.5x). For now I might just switch to firefox for my browser.

Just a guess but it might be worth investigating NIXOS_OZONE_WL.

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Initially I that didnt help much but I thought I’d revisit the problem and the ozone wayland flag in chrome fixed it so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I switched to firefox and I’m loving it so I will stick with it.

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