BSalC reading session infrastructure help

See Build systems à la carte: Theory and practice - reading/discussion session .

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Currently I’ll probably try testing jitsi meet tomorrow as time allows, also zoom as a fallback.

I haven’t looked deeper into this, but something like XODO might be neat for adding notes and highlighting together. Referring to parts of a text by description only, or having to switch who’s screensharing all the time can get hard.

Thanks! :smiley: The idea of something like that crossed my mind, but I didn’t act on it. If anyone has similar suggestions I’m all ears.

I don’t suppose you know anything that lets you annotate beside the paper? Xodo does look at the least minimally functional!

It seems all the other annotation tools require at least one person to sign up, so I haven’t tried them yet (with the exception of Google Drive, which definitely has that capability).

This looks like it needs sign up as well, to make a shared session or whatever that is.

My experience over the last few weeks is that Jitsi works well enough.
Mumble is more efficient in all regards but the phone app doesn’t support
echo cancellation between speaker and mic.

Currently it looks like someone will hang around and provide a Google meeting thing instance - but I won’t have access to the admin side of that.

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