Bspwm configFile not working?

I have my bspwm config file set as shown:

services.xserver.windowManager.bspwm.configFile = pkgs.writeText "bspwmrc" ''
 ( sleep 3 && bspc monitor -d 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 )

 bspc config border_width         2
 bspc config window_gap          12

 bspc config automatic_scheme longest_side
 bspc config split_ratio          0.52
 bspc config borderless_monocle   true
 bspc config gapless_monocle      true

 bspc config border_width         1
 bspc config focused_border_color "#61afef"

None of the above commands seem to be running at boot.
If I run them manually, they work; the problem is that NixOS seemingly isn’t calling them.

Why would this be?

My first assumption would be that you have not specified where any of the binaries are.
So it may help if you replaced bspc by ${pkgs.bspwm}/bin/bspc (I just assumed the path - you may need to change it a bit), the same go’s for the sleep command.

hey, i currently have a similar issue, how did you fix it?
i have my configuration.nix set up like this and it doesnt seem to exec bspwmrc on login image

I ended up using home-manager