Bug or not? networking.interfaces clashes with systemd.network?

I have pretty standard NixOS installs in a few VPS and since enabling several wireguard networks on them via systemd.network I kept hitting timeouts on systemd-networkd-wait-online.service.
Sure enough networkctl showed the main hardware interface ens3 as configuring perpetually, even though ip a s ens3 shows the link as perfectly configured (address and all).

I managed to fix this by:

# networking.interfaces.ens3.useDHCP = true;
networking.interfaces.ens3 = {};
systemd.network.networks.ens3 = { matchConfig.Name = "ens3"; DHCP = "yes"; };

So now I’m left wondering whether networking.interfaces should be checking for systemd.network.enable and adapt its workings if true?

(This would then mean that NixOS module would have to be fixed accordingly?)