Build gcc with nix-build --run-env

I’m debugging some issues with the gcc derivation when cross compiling, and its unclear what exactly is going on. I’d like to debug it like I’ve debugged other expressions using nix-build --run-env but that seems like a bit of a reach given how gcc is built. Any tips on how to go about it?


what bug do you have? and what’s your derivation?

gcc is a bit of monster/chimera/kraken/behemoth/masadon/brobdingnagian, but can you debug it through a nix-shell , nix-shell are exactly a drop in replacement for nix-build,mine seems to strip git meta data off it, but it may get you some where, also @mic92 also has a debuger too, but it name escapes me right now.

This discourse post show some variants for debugging: Debug a failed derivation with `breakpointHook` and `cntr`