Buildbot-nix now supports Gitea

Thanks to @MagicRB for doing the majority of work!
The documentation still needs to be updated,
but you can already interfere parts of it from the configuration example: buildbot-nix/examples/master.nix at a36953b52d6bb9a52da2f5edce9abba18bd595c5 · Mic92/buildbot-nix · GitHub

You can see gitea + buildbot in action here: #1306 - Throw error on missing clanModule description or if description too long. Add xfce description. - clan-core - gitea: Gitea Service


Yay I can now test buildbot-nix in my homelab.

Thank you! Just giving it a try now :slight_smile:

Now with more documentation and real-world example configuration:

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