Builds failed for Nixos mobile

Does someone know what’s happening?

we messed up a workflow change

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Thank you for your response.

So, I just need to wait next build?

unfortunately there seems to be another unrelated error (unrecognized compiler flags) in another package that also causes the build to fail. maybe best open a bug report too :frowning:

If you want I open a bug report, please, give me more informations :sweat_smile:
Which package cause problem?

looks like this is a problem in the vboot_reference build. seems specific to mobile-nixos since it builds in nixos-unstable

New build success! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it work for you?

I installed Tow-Boot and uses “dd” to copy the image to SD.
Do you want I open a new topic?

yes. can’t answer anything specific to mobile nixos anyway, never used the thing.

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