Bump `haskellPackages` to GHC-9.2, LTS-20 in Nixpkgs

The Haskell packages in Nixpkgs generally are all built with a single version of GHC, with packages pinned to a single Stackage resolver.

Currently, Nixpkgs master is building with GHC-9.0 with package versions pinned to LTS-19, but we have an open PR bumping to GHC-9.2 with package versions pinned to LTS-20:


We plan on merging this PR to master in two weeks, on December 22nd, and marking all un-buildable packages as broken. If any of your packages currently are broken on Hydra on haskell-updates, we’d appreciate PRs fixing them and/or new releases pushed to Hackage. If you need help fixing your packages, feel free to reach out to us on GitHub, Discourse, or Matrix.

This bump has caused quite a lot of (expected) breakage, so we’d appreciate help unbreaking some of these packages!

The daily haskell-updates build reports are a good place to see if any of your maintained packages are not buildable by Hydra:


We have merged the above PR into master, so you can expect haskellPackages based on LTS-20 with GHC-9.2 in your -unstable channels sometime soon:


There was quite a lot of breakage this round, so please feel free to send a PR to haskell-updates if any of your favorite Haskell packages ended up broken.

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