Bun hangs on aarch64

The same application (Svelte) runs fine on my laptop but hangs on my Raspberry Pi, both running the same NixOS version. I actually have to hard kill the process to stop it. Using node works normally. The only variable I can think of is the architecture. Has anyone tried this?

This smells like swapping, have you checked memory usage? Pies aren’t very beefy, a modern web-browser-as-an-application could well bring a cheaper model to its knees.

I’ll check into that, but it’s a 4GB pi not doing much else.

I checked the memory footprint when running on my laptop and it is far less than the available memory on the Pi.

I’ve used Bun several times before v1.0.0 release, but kept running into different bugs on x86. I wonder if this is one of them