Cabal2nix 2.19.0 released

Main highlights of this update are changes to hackage2nix already in effect in unstable nixpkgs today:

  • Automatic population of meta.mainProgram if possible, also works with cabal2nix of course.
  • More expressive meta.{platforms,badPlatforms} handling which hopefully makes haskellPackages more maintainable going forward.

Notable changes for regular users of cabal2nix:

  • hpack is only used if no cabal file is available. This reduces the build dependency closure of packages that use hpack and check in the generated cabal file, avoiding discrepancies to cabal-install’s behavior and preventing errors where hpack bails out when re-generating the cabal file.
  • Packages with unknown (to cabal2nix) licenses are now considered free by default.
  • Support for the system dependency webkit24x-gtk* has been removed.
  • System dependency resolution for Lua has changed, please see the changelog.

Also refer to the full changelog, especially if you rely on the exposed API!

The release will be available in nixpkgs channels in approximately 1-2 weeks.

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