Cachix ignores substitute


when trying to use the cuda-maintainers cache from cachix, I’m getting a warning that the substitute is ignored as it’s not signed by any of the public keys in ‘trustes-public-keys’. However, I’m confident that I have configured the right key. Any idea why I’m getting this warning?


Sharing your config helps - both NixOS config and ~/.config/nix/nix.conf. It could be that you’ve configured trusted-public-keys from a user who is not a trusted-user, which would cause it to be ignored.

I do have personal experience with this being tricky to get right, and/or it feeling broken though; so it would be good to help you and know what the confusion/resolution/bug is.

Actually, it was my mistake. I was accidentally using the extra-substituters and extra-trusted-public-keys settings. So, taking a closer look at your /etc/nix/nix.conf helps. Furthermore, I added my username to trusted-substituters.