Call for Maintainers: xmonad

Ever since peti effectively left the nixpkgs project, a few Haskell packages have been without a dedicated maintainer. @NixOS/haskell has generally supplemented this role, ensuring that no high profile build failures enter the master branch.

I want to improve this situation a bit, by giving peti maintained packages new maintainers. Ideally these maintainers actually use the packages in question and are thus a bit more knowledgable about them (i.e. none of @NixOS/haskell use xmonad to my knowledge).

Maintaining xmonad (and xmonad-contrib, xmonad-extra) would mostly involve responding to build failures on the haskell-updates branch as well as bug reports. You would be automatically notified about regressions as part of the regular haskell-updates PRs – there is generally at least a week of time to look into those for maintainers. If you lack the time or are away, we can likely step in – this call for maintainers is mostly to reduce the workload for @NixOS/haskell a bit.

Something you could also work on as xmonad maintainer(s) would be providing an always up to date xmonad for downstream users. We inherit xmonad from Stackage LTS which can lag behind a bit, but providing the latest version at all times should be doable, as outlined in this issue. This is of course optional.

cc @oxalica @ivanbrennan who maintain xmonad-related tests already.


I’d be happy to lend a hand where I can. I’m hesitant to step in as a sole maintainer, though.

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Hi! Similar to @ivanbrennan, I would not want (and probably not dare) to maintain xmonad alone, but I have been a satisfied xmonad user for a long time and I am interested in helping out!

@ivanbrennan @dschrempf Would you be able to send a PR adding yourself as a maintainer for xmonad?

You’ll need to add your GitHub handle to the list in pkgs/development/haskell-modules/configuration-hackage2nix/main.yaml, and add xmonad below it. Similar to how its done in this PR:

Multiple people can be registered as a maintainer for the same package.

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@cdepillabout Certainly :+1:


See here: haskellPackages: add dschrempf xmonad maintainer by dschrempf · Pull Request #203416 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.