[call for testing] gitlab-runner module

There are many pain points when using current module for gitlab-runner and i want to change the status quo, so i need help testing it by anyone interested!

  1. Copy gitlab-runner.nix from pull request to your configuration directory
  2. Import it while disabling the old one
  3. Test your use-cases! Look at examples in pull request for quick start
  4. Leave a review (here or on GitHub) about your experience with it

This is how it could be done:

  disabledModules = [
  imports = [
  services.gitlab-runner = {
    enable = true;
    services = {
      # your runners

The old way with configFile should still work so comment if it isn’t


Hey @misuzu!

I definitely love this and will give it a try some time soon!
If there is anything specific you would like to get tested, don’t hesitate to ask :smiley:


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I will try it as soon as possible, these two changes fix huge pain points for us:

  1. Multiple runner services can be registered.
  2. Automatic registration via registration token so same config can be used on many machines.


Some feedback as you requested:

I have migrated some of our runners to use the new module without any issues so far.



I’ve been running this for a couple of days now. Works wonderfully. I only tested with the example with the nix store mounted. No issues so far here either.