Can anyone send me NixOS Stickers?

I have an Apple logo I need to cover up, and I’ve ran out of Nix stickers! Can someone help me? The Apple logo is around 55MM in diameter, so this is at least what I need!

If you can help, please send the sticker(s) to my local makerspace, addressed to Matthew Croughan. Thank you!

68-76 Kempston Street
DoES Liverpool
L3 8HL
Merseyside, Liverpool
United Kingdom


Unfortunately the ones I have are too small!

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I got some stickers lying around where the shortest diameter is about 59 mm.

Is this one good design-wise?

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Yeah, perfect. I hope it’s able to fully cover up the logo since it’s not completely circular!

I prepared the envelope, and I’ll post it today. I added a few more stickers because it felt weird sending a single sticker internationally ^^


They arrived, and they’re beautiful! Thank you so much!


I hope you find some great use for that Arch Linux sticker ^^

I really didn’t know what to do with them

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Any Linux is better than no Linux :slight_smile: