Can hydra use pkgsCross for cross compiling?

Can Hydra build jobs that use the PkgsCross aarch64-linux?

AFAIK uses dedicated aarch64 hardware for it’s remote builder?

I found this…

Hydra Jobs

This repository also contains our complete hydra declarative project and jobset specification. This won't be of much use outside of our environment but there probably are a few things to take inspiration from. This includes a more elaborate example for declarative jobsets and aarch64 cross-building on hydra.


whats my options/idea’s on building aarch64 jobs on a hydra without dedicated aarch64 hardware?

Sure, cross-compiled packages build just fine. There’s even a dedicated nixpkgs jobset for cross-compilation of certain packages: Hydra - Jobset nixpkgs:cross-trunk

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Note the configuration tab on that jobset to setup your own. Also, you should know that if you’re cross compiling software for a system, that system will not be able to use those cross-built store paths when building something natively.

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