Can I disable caps-lock key in NixOS?

I want to disable, not remap, my caps-lock key while using nixos. I found a few guides to remap caps-lock into ctrl, but I want to just disable it. How can I do it?

There’s like a dozen ways to do this and they all depend on various combinations of window managers, desktop managers, display manger, kernel mods, and any terminal/hardware specific userland software.

If you can describe you setup ( X11, Wayland, DWM ( the correct choice ), Gnome, XMonad, Linux/Darwin, etc ) we can give useful advice.

I am using gnome. Do you need my confifuration.nix file?

You can do that like on any other GNOME-based distro: Open GNOME Tweaks program, in Keyboard & Mouse pane press Additional Layout Option button and then customize the Caps Lock behaviour.

Or on command line, use: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.input-sources xkb-options "['caps:none']"

If you want to set it declaratively, look at GSettings section of NixOS manual. The Warning block is very relevant in this case.

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