Can we add integrations to Discourse?

Would it be possible, for instance, to integrate the Discourse board with Nix github repos? For instance, in “Nixops: deploy a custom kernel module”, rbrewer123 refered to “Nixops issue #893.” I’d be kind of rad if that could automatically onebox to

Is that within the featureset of @discourse?

I think that onebox is only working with full URLs. Do you want to have a look and report back? The source code is available at GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

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I found a couple of related plugins, which might actually be better for the vague use cases I had in mind:

GitHub - discourse/discourse-github-linkback: DEPRECATED: Links github content back to a Discourse forum - which seems to add links to Github issues (and presumably PRs) when they’re mentioned in Discourse topics and vice versa.

GitHub - featheredtoast/hubot-discourse-adapter: Adapter for Discourse - which, I guess, would add a bot like Discobot to Discord, but with Github related commands. My understanding is the hubot is fairly flexible in terms of what it can do, so maybe “@hubot, that PR about the thing” could work?

Sounds good. Especially the discourse-github-linkback plugin, it makes sense to help integrate the conversations between nixpkgs and discourse.

I think for Hubot I would first like to see it connected to our IRC channel(s) and provide some useful functionality before adding it to Discourse.

In either case we would have to go with a self-hosted solution as the hosted version only has a fixed set of plugins available. This would also be useful for importing the old mailing list.