Cannot use installed prebuilt binaries

Hello, I am running nix as a package manager on ArchLinux in a Docker and my goal is to install dapptools from the prebuilt binaries.

For this I am using the following command: nix-env -iA dapp -f $(curl -sS | jq -r .tarball_url) --prebuilt-only, dapp appears in /nix/store/...-dapp so I guess it is installed, but simply calling dapp on the CLI fails because the command is unknown.

Without the --prebuilt-only flag, everything works fine but it takes too long. Do I need to link it somehow or am I missing something? Thanks for your help!

I never used --prebuilt-only but my guess is that it does not find any binary so it just skips the installation of the package. To get a binary you need to configure first the binary cache they provide. First make sure to install cachix and then run cachix use dapp (it’s what they do in the install script). Then your command should work.

They are not providing any binaries for the last release, it only contain source code archives.