Cannot use nixos as jetbrains gateway backend

Hi, everyone:

I was trying to use nixos as the new jetbrains gateway’s remote host through ssh.
It seems that it tries to install something via ssh, and exit abnormally with error logs:

2022-01-20 11:56:37,450 [  45761]   WARN - .gateway.ssh.SshDeployFlowUtil - Backend died. stderr:"/home/c1/.cache/JetBrains/RemoteDev-GO/_home_c1_go_src/pid.275360.temp.jbr/bin/java: line 2: /lib64/ No such file or directory

The problem seems to related with /lib64/, my guess is it does not locate as it would in other distributions;

I cannot patch the binary since it removes itself after failto run, it there any other way to run it correctly or I can only hope jetbrains to make this compatibility with nixos?

Thank you for reply!

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Jetbrains, what are you doing? Random binaries being installed, but random binaries being install via ssh, silently, in temp area, and then moved… Your more like shitforbrains.

It’s a binary, it’s going to need patching, sounds like it’s meant to be hidden and Obfuscated. Maybe even licensing or copy for protection? is it by design or by accident?

I see things like this, and thing there really no hope that we’ll be able to get any of the features nix tries to enforce. Developers are drunk on just fetching binaries from the internet at anytime they please.

We all know the operating system should be in manage of code installed onto the system, but many developers disagree with this…

I’m not sure Jetbrains would even fix this, they would just say ‘everyone else does this, why can’t we’…

Having worked with many Java developers for many years, I know that security best practise is not their hot list.


I’ve done some research regarding issue, hopefully someone can help me out on how to fix this.

GitHub Issue

YouTrack Issue

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