Can't find my StreamDeck (sob)

I have a StreamDeck XL which was working fine on macOS
The same machine has now been converted and using nixOS but, sadly, I’m unable to use any available StreamDeck software as it can’t be found

I kinda new to nixOS but running ’ lsusb ’ doesn’t show it in the list of devices.

Can anyone kindly help point me in the right direction?
I’m presuming there’s some drive or kernel module that needs to be loaded but I’m clueless.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I do not believe the manufacturer of that product supports Linux to any capacity. This isn’t really about NixOS though but Linux in general, so I’d recommend you to reach out to generic Linux (gaming?) communities on how they handle the StreamDeck.

Once you know how to generally interface with the device on a gerneric Linux distro, you can transfer that to NixOS. In all likelyhood, it’s probably just to use a generic StreamDeck on Linux project such as this one I found using 5s of search-engine-foo and perhaps a udev rule.

The NixOS-specific part should be rather insignificant in this endeavour. Likely just getting our package for that project installed.

yeah thanks - my problem is my system is not seeing the StreamDeck as a device so I was wondering whether I was missing drivers. I’ll keep looking elsewhere, thanks

Just an update on this.
StreamDeck now recognised on my USB table
Turns out (for whatever reason), I unplugged the usb connector from the rear of the Streamdeck and plugged back and is recognised.
Sometimes the simple and not so obvious is the answer.
Anyway, maybe this will help someone in the future.