Can't find resources on creating a .Xresources and .profile

As the title says, I need help making a .Xresources and .profile. I’m not on NixOS. I’ve installed nix, home manager, and flakes on my Ubuntu.

What about the ubiquitous Arch Wiki?

NO. In Nix. There’s a million resources outside of Nix. I have working .Xresources, .bashrc, and profile, on my Ubuntu install. If I change the colors in my .Xresources … Alacritty, polybar, dmenu, and my command prompt in general all update.

If you setup bash, zsh, etc in Home Manager. if you have programs.bash.enable = false. It deletes your .bashrc and .profile files. .Xresources stays. But, if I move to NixOS, I’ll want my config to rebuild all those files for me.

Hum, now I understood.
Not every file is configured/filled via Nix, at least not yet.

If you are using Home-Manager, then you can use the home.file trick.

  home.file.".Xresources" = {
    enable = true;
    source = ./my-dotfiles/xresources;

This way you can write ./my-dotfiles/xresources as if it was your old .Xresources and then home-manager will generate the link for you.

If I remember correctly, you can do the same with virtualy all dotfiles.