Can't get systemd to restart my units on change

I have a following service template:

"resize-xvm@" = {
  description = "Resize the VM volume";
  before = [ "xvm@%i.service" ];
  partOf = [ "xvm@%i.service" ];
  serviceConfig.Type = "oneshot";
  scriptArgs = "%i";
  script = ''

    exec ${zfs} set "volsize=$ROOTVOLSIZE" "${cfg.zfsPath}/$VMNAME"
  restartIfChanged = true;
  stopIfChanged = true;
  serviceConfig.RemainAfterExit = true;

and an override for it:

"resize-xvm@${name}" = {
  overrideStrategy = "asDropin";
  environment = {
    ROOTVOLSIZE = toString vm.rootVolSize;
  restartTriggers = [ vm.rootVolSize ];
  restartIfChanged = true;
  stopIfChanged = true;

What I want to achieve is to get the resize-xvm@${name} to restart if the vm.rootVolSize changes. Insofar no combination of xxxIfChanged/xxxTriggers seemed to work. I even tried to remove the template altogether and still don’t get it to restart.

I have a that is wanted by and wants all the xvm@${name} and the latter require resize-xvm@%i.service.

Any idea how to debug this dependency graph?